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Friday, November 20, 2009

Mo' Fo Yo Babe

More baby things I've done. They're more patterns from the pattern a day calendars (crochet and knitting ones).

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Trying to complete my first official sweater that I feel proud enough to wear in public. I'm getting closer. I just need to buy really thin yarn because I always end up feeling like a marshmellowy-pillow when I wear this:

Looks better laying out on the floor in the is picture than on. Dang it...

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Another real simple pattern for an unique crop sweater top was in this knitting calendar. You knit it all in on continuous piece, so there's minimal weaving ends in.

I like those calendars because they give you an idea of how many days it should take you to do each project.

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Red Heart Sock Yarn

Red Heart Yarn has this affordable sock yarn that the color variation creates a pattern as you go. Looks really nice! Just has a little bit of chemical smell, but it comes out in washings. I picked up this pattern off one of those free project pads in the yarn aisle of Michael's.

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Floral Scarf

Another great free pattern that's new from Lion Brand Yarn was this crochet scarf:

I added a few more colors to the design. The pattern was really nice because the pattern calls for you to start one flower and slip stitch it to the next flower. Lots of chaining. Not a lot of stitching. Weaving in all the ends was a biotch!

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Fair Isle First

Just tried designing my first Fair Isle project. Started with a simple floral pattern for a hat.

Fair Isle's really not as bad as I imagined. I actually like the fact that it's only two colors per row. Otherwise, I can see where things would get crazy.

Started with 84 stitches at the bottom and worked my way up with Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice Yarn on size 7 knitting needles.

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Doggy Style

Lately I've been a big fan of Lion Brand Yarn free patterns from their site. This dog sweater from their site was really simple and quick (3-5 hours). Just added a collar and short arm sleeves to add a bit more to the simple design.

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