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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Six Hour Throw

Again, this was another really great, fast, and easy pattern to follow from! You use US50/25mm needles with four strands of category five thickness yarn (in this case Homespun). It calls for eight skeins total. You don't use all of the yarn to get the size they state in the pattern, so you can go a little wider and longer in the pattern even! Really soft and warm, and it REALLY took less than six hours.

Free Knitting Pattern: 6-Hour Afghan
Pattern #: 90031AD

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Thick 'n Quick Neck Cowl has some of the best free patterns available on their site. I'm trying to get rid of the scraps of yarn leftover still. This was an easy way to get rid of the thicker yarn that wouldn't be enough to do a full scarf or anything else really. A nice neck cowl worked out! Really soft and warm! I like the neck cowls because they work as a scarf and a hood. You just pull it up over your head when you need it as both.

Free Knitting Pattern: Play It Cool Neckwarmer
Pattern #: 70647AD

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Star Wars hats

A coworker of mine is a real nerd for Star Wars. He and his wife are expecting their fourth child. So, I thought it would be cute to make a R2D2 and Yoda hat! Check them out! Can't say these ideas are totally original. I got inspiration from other online sources (example one, example two). Still having some problems with gauging hat sizes with different ages... I found this link that might help me in the future.

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