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Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Tip for a Well Fitted Sweater

I went for this sweater pattern from Lionbrand because of the crisscross belt. It looked like it might fit and flatter better. Pretty cool how this pattern actually started with the belt and you worked down from it for the bottom section, then top up for the upper part. I think overall it knits up pretty fast for a sweater. However, I think I got the proportions incorrect. I should've done a shorter upper part and a longer lower section. Would've flattered a bit more. I still need to block it. Not sure if it's a public wearable piece... Agh... sigh.

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Another Great Big Hair Dreads Hat

Got Dreads? This hat is so cute on some one with dreadlocks. It is crocheted, and whips up real fast! If you haven't figured out my style by now it would be explained in one word: ADD

I like to get things done fast. If I'm taking on a large project, I like to have multiple tiny projects going at the same on the side.

Back to the dreads hat. It's awesome. Check it out on Lionbrand's site.

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Cowls-galore!!!! These little neck cowls have become the hot commodity in the last few years. Good thing about these is that they are usually very easy to follow a pattern for, and they don't take a whole lot of yarn! Double WOOT!

Here's just a few easy patterns I've tried in the past. There is a great book called CowlGirls that have great patterns that all use thick yarns, so they're quick knits. Check it out.


Scalloped Cowl... whatever that means... sounds like potatoes
Pod-Stitch Cowl... again what does that mean? Are there aliens involved?

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Christmas Wine Cozies

They are easier than they look. Most patterns I create from scratch I just whip up as I go along. As a base for the cast on row of any wine cozy on 9mm needles is 27 stitches. You can knit it in the round or sow up the seam. You could even use buttons to close up your seam. I enjoy making wine cozies knowing they are gifts that keep on giving... yes I used that over-used phrase. At least I hope that folks regift these and spread the fun!

Santa Wine Cozy and Christmas Tree Wine Cozy

Reindeer (aka Rudolph) Wine Cozy

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Little Knitted Monsters Taking Over the World

My mother bought the best toy/stuffed animal knitting pattern book: Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi. Never thought I'd ever make a stuffed toy, but some of these are too awesome to pass up. Not only are they fun, but they are real fast knits. Each one takes maybe an hour to do.

The best pattern in the whole book is the tiny gnome (I might be biased though). I've seen people on Ravelry turn that little guy into a Santa. Which also in the book you can create a reindeer and a Christmas tree.

What can you do with the little guys? In the book they show you can wear them as earrings, key chains, or necklace pendants... but I'm using them as Christmas ornaments and gift wrapping decorations. Works pretty well!

The Gnome:

The Christmas Trio:

Even a Zombie-fied Gnome Version

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A Crop Sweater Vest Top

Woohoo! Might actually be a sweater that I will wear out into public! Can you believe it?! Ok… maybe I’ll only wear it to work. :D Someday hopefully I’ll make a sweater that I will love to wear. Someday…

The pattern used a thinner yarn than what I used. How do you figure out patterns with using different yarn weights? You have to do the math to figure out the cast on and row increments.

To figure out the math, I cheat by dividing the needle size asked for in the pattern, by the needle size I am using, then multiplying the difference to the cast on row. That usually gets me a good start. For example, if they ask for a size 5 and co 50 stitches, and I end up using size 8 and co about 32 stitches (31.25 on calculator and round up).

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