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Funny Baby Sayings Chart Pattern: iPood, I Sharted, Barf Vader, LMDO (Laughing My Diaper Off)

Boston Terrier Pillow Cover Chart Pattern

Schnauzer Dog Pillow Cover Chart Pattern

Charlie Brown Stripe Chart Pattern

Chevron Fair Isle Chart Patterns

R2D2 Hat Chart Pattern

Snowflake Fair Isle Chart Pattern

Reindeer and Trees Fair Isle Chart Pattern

Houndstooth Chart Pattern


  1. Hi, I was trying to look at the chart for the Boston Terrier and could not open it. Could you send it to me at Thankyou

    1. Sorry for replying a YEAR LATER! Forgive me. Here's a direct link to the image. I'll also email it to you:

  2. Hi, looking to get the R2D2 pattern please??

    Thank you!!