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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to Using the Needles Again

Back in action! Whipped up some baby booties and a hat within an evening. Baby stuff always goes fast. Gave me motivation, though to start using the needles again. Sigh... It's been a while folks!

I improvised the Pattons pattern a bit for the hat just because I wanted to match the hat I just created. The yarn doesn’t have wool to felt. So, I used fewer stitches and made it to fit a baby younger than a year old. I started with 6 stitches at the tip, added two to each side, then when increasing for the sides and bottom part, I added four stitches to each side, then an additional two to each side. Ended up a bout the right size! Also, this was made for a boy, so I just used a simple double crochet band around the leg opening instead of the frilly looking finish in the pattern.

The hat... Very easy and quick project in a great One Skein Wonder book. Cute little curl at the top. Wanted mine to appear more curved, so when I thread the end from the tip back in, I tied it to the base a bit tighter. Makes it appear more curved.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick Way to Use Up Scrap Yarn

Needed to create some quick projects for a friend's wedding/baby shower this past weekend. Had plenty of scrap yarn, so decided to create these little hats for her. By doing stripes, I figured it would make the yarn go farther. And it did. Might as well go beyond the typical pastel baby color items.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

St. Patty's Green Ball-less Penis Cozy

We spend so much time figuring out what accessories to where on special occasions, never forget the endless possibilities to accessorize the drink in your hand. St. Patty's Day is always a fun holiday to wear everything green you own. Some one decided I should knit up some penis cozies with little four leaf clovers that could "accessorize" the accessory. They were made in a circle and would be detachable. Got a few complements on them, but non as much as the cat shirt that Jason wore that evening. :D

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Sock Monkey Hat

Always wanted to create one of these hats, but could never find the right striped yarn. This yarn is a discontinued yarn made by Bernat. It was going on clearance at Michael's, so I bought out all that I could find. Michael's seem to clear out old yarns late winter after all the holidays are over. Wish they had an online store like Jo Ann's. Jo Ann's is really nice to go online and look through their clearance section of yarn. There are patterns out there for different sock monkey hats, but I just improvised this one off a hat I liked online. Again, the strings on the ear flaps have a tassel attached at the bottom of each one.

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Fashionable Floral Fuzzy Fun Cowl

Created this for my mom. She's pretty knowledgeable of flowers. Bought a book on called 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet", and let her pick out her favorite flower. She picked out the blue-bell flower. It's a great book that most of the patterns I've tried thus far have all worked out really well. I like Amazon's selection of knitting and crochet books because they're always half the costs of buying them anywhere else!

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Got a Big Hat for Some Big Hair

Friend wanted a hat that could cover her dreds. She was also a fan of the earflap hats. So, we created this design together. Simple and quick! Was made with thick 'n quick yarn by Lionbrand. For the color green did a single crochet and then for the brown stripe it was done with double crochet. Just do a simple tassel for the end of the two strings on either side of the earflaps.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby Mittens Made in an Hour

So, by now every one should be able to tell I'm a sucker for quick one-two-three hour knits! Can't help it. Today this society is pretty much ADHD. Anyway, if you follow this pattern on, it'll turn out smaller, but play around with the gauging and increase your stitches and rows, and you'll find this is a really great quick and easy project. Especially since I'm slower at crochet than knitting, this still didn't take long at all. Mini mittens are adorable!

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