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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Gotta love the yarn that hides the definition of stitches. Makes it appear almost felted. The yarn is from Jo Ann fabrics. Click here to see their colors. I did a blanket not too long ago for some one else. It's super warm when you double up the threads. Great for hats, mittens, and scarves as well! I did the blanket with double st crochet, but really like how it looks with just single st crochet.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Remember the First Blog Post?

Cold weather finally got here to where my coworker started wearing her neck shawl. Got to love fat, quick, and warm yarn! This didn't take but maybe a few hours to do.

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Holidy Coasters

This year I tried just doing a whole bunch of simple coasters for Halloween and Christmas. Pretty easy. Please, do try these at home with your left over yarn:

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Using What's Left

For some reason, I bought two skeins of tan yarn and two skeins of pink yarn to do that boob pillow. Not sure why I expected the nipples to use so much yarn, so I decided to make a hat and small purse/makeup-bag out of the leftovers.

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Hurray for Boobies!

You would not believe how many patterns there are out there of how to make these boob pillows. Most of them have a more squared off base, but I kept everything round and soft like how a real woman is. :D

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Made it for my man because he liked one he saw at Dick's Sporting Goods store. Go Colts!

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Cable Knit Pillow

I followed this pattern from here and made two pillows for my mom's new purple leather chair. I think this was my first successful cable project. Haven't really tried tackling one outside of just doing a swatch.

However, the pattern needs stretched over the pillow a bit too much, so if you try this pattern I'd advise adding 8-12 more stitches onto you cast on row.

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