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Wine Bottle Cozy Knit Pattern

wine cozy crochet pattern Really simple and quick to make! Probably would take you an hour total!

Crochet Hook: 6.5 mm
Yarn: Category Weight 4

Main sleeve
  1. Ch24
  2. dc in fourth loop from hook, ch2, dc in third loop, repeat from to end of row. When turning, ch4 and dc on top of the second dc in the row below. The ch4 will count as your first dc. And continue ch2, dc in third loop repeat.
  3. Continue until pattern has reached the height of your wine bottle.
  4. Sew seam up the side.
  5. Make a chain about 16 inches to create a tie for the top.
Grapes - create six
  1. Chain 4, slip stitch to form ring.
  2. dc 10 times into ring.
  3. Tie off and sew six grapes together.
Leaves for grapes - create two
  1. Chain 8.
  2. tr in the fourth loop from hook, dc in the next loop, hdc in the next, and sc in the last loop.
  3. Tie off and sow above the grapes.
Fee free to improvise one of your own!

Download PDF of pattern (English)

Penis Coozy Crochet Pattern

penis coozy crochet pattern Materials:
Medium Weight yarn (Category 4)
Size H/8 - 5.00 mm crochet hook

SC - Single Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
STS - Stitches
Ch - Chain
SC2tog - Single Crochet 2 together

R1: Chain 4, 11 DC in fourth chain from hook, slip stitch to the top of beginning ch. (12 sts total)
R2: Chain 3, DC in same space, 2 DC in each stitch around, slip stitch to the first chain (24 sts total)
R3: Working in the back loops of previous round, Ch 2 (counts as first Half Double Crochet) HDC in each stitch of previous round, slip stitch to beginning (24 sts)
R4: Ch 2 (counts as first HDC) HDC in each stitch around, slip stitch to the top of first HDC (24 sts)
R5-16: repeat round four, at the end fasten off, weave in ends

R1: Chain 10 and create a circle by joining with first loop. Tip: keep tail longer for when you have to sow penis onto coozy.
R2: SC into each stitch (10 sts total)
R3-4: SC into each stitch until end and SC2tog
R5-11: SC into each stitch (8 sts each round)
R12: Do 2 SC in each stitch only in the outside loop (16 sts)
R13: SC in each stitch but on the inside loop. This will create definition around the tip. (16 sts)
R14-16: SC in each st like normal (16 sts)
R17-R18: SC1 SC2tog* Repeat until end of round (12 sts - 8 sts)
R19: SC2tog to end (4 sts)
Cut string and loop through stitches remaining, pulling the opening close like a draw string

Balls (Make 2):
R1: Chain 2, SC 8 sts into the first chain (8 sts)
R2: Do 2 SC in each stitch (16 sts)
R3: SC in each stitch (16 sts)
Cut yarn while keeping a long tail. Similar to the head of the penis, whip yarn through all 16 stitches and pull close like a drawstring but not all the way. Leave room to stuff later before attaching to coozy.

Stuff the penis and two balls with stuffing. Sow penis to the coozy about halfway down one side. Sow two balls below the penis and attach to the coozy. Sow in any lose ends. There you have it! A great bachelorette gift or any fun occasion you may have. Have fun with the pattern. Use sparkle yarn and in different colors even!

Download the PDF of the pattern for more detailed photos! Please feel free to message me if you find any problems with the pattern. Enjoy!
Download PDF of pattern (English)

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