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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Experience from a Novelty Yarn Store

I've purchased nice yarns in the past from yarn shops here and there (Savanah, GA, Indianapolis, IN, Chicago, IL). So, I've purchased those great hand dyed yarns, but never have made them into a finished piece. Instead, they sit in the bottom of my other yarns. I just keep waiting to find that right project to use them in. Does any one else have the same problem?

Finally, I finished one pice with two skeins of this fabulous multicolored yarn that goes from fat to skinny in places. I've gotten tons of compliments on the scarf. Gotta say, it was worth the investment. I made it thinking I would eventually give it to some one as a gift because blues and greens are not my favorite colors, but ended up keeping it for myself... again, does anyone have that problem as well?

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