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Monday, August 23, 2010

Wine Cozy - A Great Last Minute Gift

A coworker is having a dinnerware party at her new condo in Brownsburg, IN. As a house warming gift, wine is always a great idea! It can be affordable, and if you are a knitter/crocheter you can add a personal touch in less than an hour! Here's what I whipped up last night in less than an hour:

<------And here's a rough version of the pattern I created for it ------>
Crochet hook size 6.5 mm
Main sleeve:
  1. Ch24
  2. dc in fourth loop from hook, ch2, dc in third loop, repeat from to end of row. When turning, ch4 and dc on top of the second dc in the row below. The ch4 will count as your first dc. And continue ch2, dc in third loop repeat.
  3. Continue until pattern has reached the height of your wine bottle.
  4. Sew seam up the side.
  5. Make a chain about 16 inches to create a tie for the top.
Grapes - create six:
  1. Chain 4, slip stitch to form ring.
  2. dc 10 times into ring.
  3. Tie off and sew six grapes together.
Leaves for grapes - create two:
  1. Chain 8.
  2. tr in the fourth loop from hook, dc in the next loop, hdc in the next, and sc in the last loop.
  3. Tie off and sow above the grapes.
Fee free to improvise one of your own!

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