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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to Using the Needles Again

Back in action! Whipped up some baby booties and a hat within an evening. Baby stuff always goes fast. Gave me motivation, though to start using the needles again. Sigh... It's been a while folks!

I improvised the Pattons pattern a bit for the hat just because I wanted to match the hat I just created. The yarn doesn’t have wool to felt. So, I used fewer stitches and made it to fit a baby younger than a year old. I started with 6 stitches at the tip, added two to each side, then when increasing for the sides and bottom part, I added four stitches to each side, then an additional two to each side. Ended up a bout the right size! Also, this was made for a boy, so I just used a simple double crochet band around the leg opening instead of the frilly looking finish in the pattern.

The hat... Very easy and quick project in a great One Skein Wonder book. Cute little curl at the top. Wanted mine to appear more curved, so when I thread the end from the tip back in, I tied it to the base a bit tighter. Makes it appear more curved.

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