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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Crop Sweater Vest Top

Woohoo! Might actually be a sweater that I will wear out into public! Can you believe it?! Ok… maybe I’ll only wear it to work. :D Someday hopefully I’ll make a sweater that I will love to wear. Someday…

The pattern used a thinner yarn than what I used. How do you figure out patterns with using different yarn weights? You have to do the math to figure out the cast on and row increments.

To figure out the math, I cheat by dividing the needle size asked for in the pattern, by the needle size I am using, then multiplying the difference to the cast on row. That usually gets me a good start. For example, if they ask for a size 5 and co 50 stitches, and I end up using size 8 and co about 32 stitches (31.25 on calculator and round up).

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