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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easy Easter Knitted Gifts

The Easter Bunny is real... Real MINI that is! I didn't think I"d be one to knit up little stuffed animal toys. However, these little guys do make great gift wrap decorations. You should check the book out sometime. It's worth the investment. Like a wine cozy, it's a gift that keeps on giving hopefully.

The Knitted Easter Bunny

It'd be a cute idea to knit a whole bunch of these up in different Easter pastel colors. Useful to
  • put them in Easter baskets,
  • hide them in Easter eggs, or
  • tie them in their hair as a cute accessory.
knitted easter bunny

The Easter Bunny's Bag

This is the mini market bag that I whipped up real quick to put my mom's Easter gifts in. The little bunny got attached to this to give it the, "Hello, it's Easter!" appeal. Kids could use this simple knit bag to put their Easter eggs in as they collect them. You can taylor simple patterns like this market bag for almost any occasion! Here's some ways to make it seem more Easter themed...

Ideas to jazz up this simple knitted bag for Easter:
  • Add pale green furry yarn around the bottom rows to make it appear like the easter grass you see in baskets
  • Crochet or knit Easter eggs and attach them to the side of the bag
  • Knit a cute coin purse that is in the shape of a bunny like this pattern. Just create two, sow up the sides, then attach a button flap or small zipper to close it.
easy easter knitting ideas

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